Supra Invade Las Vegas AKA SILV 2008

I know it’s been a while since i’ve blogged and i do apologize (to the 2 people that check out the blog from time to time) haha. 

Well as most people around me know i’ve been preparing the IS300 for SILV to race the car and prove to myself i can build a car that can go fast. Everything pretty much ran smoothly for prepping the car except for a few things that i’ll post up at a later time when they’re installed.

I won a cool little trophy at the Show & Shine part of the event which was a little cheesier then the previous years .. but cool non the less. As for the DRAGS !!! It was phenomenal. I enjoyed racing the car soo much .. car ran like a champ with no hiccups. ran consistent 13’s which isn’t a great time but with the traction issues i had because i didn’t run drag radials. I say not too shabby!!! 

I can’t wait for a few up coming races locally and SILV 2009 !!