Top Secret Supra :: Super Street Magazine.

Had to update before i left to Mammoth with this HOT looking Supra on the cover of Super Street from High End ::Auto Concept:: .. i’ll be showing with these guys during the 2009 car show season. this guy and a few new friends.. can’t wait! It’s gonna be an epic year!
Pick up your issue of Super Street!!

i also wanted to add the inspiration to this build pics from Top Secret Japan..


Clean RX7

I found this little jewel and just had to share .. My buddy had a FD and it was such a pain in the ass for him to keep running. Rotarys a bitch to keep running but there are successful ones that are still running and raced.
This one is just clean .. i’m not too fond of the wheels and the tail lights but overall the car pulls both of them off and got my attention.
here’s the pic .. enjoyrx7to4003rx7to4014rx7to4011rx7to4017

R33 for sale on the other side of the Pond!!

These guys are lucky they can buy a masterpiece that’s not done up with Ebay or knock off parts. This R33 is just mind blowing the details and simple look is just breath taking.. the Engine bay along is set up with HKS goodness.. Aahhh! So nice to look at something like that with all the garbage thats out there. I’m not trying to hate on anyone but this is soO nice! Stateside projects like this are bought and stripped down to make an extra buck. It’s sad but true.. lets move on.
Heres the masterpiece: hja086collage

Sale Sale Sale JDM goodness at a discount!!!

i know this has been covered on other peoples blog and yes i was reminded of it when i looked at my homie Jay’s blog but here it goes again sucka!! haha get you’re real JDM stuff on sale 11am -4pm
I’m a big supporter of Endless they rock and they don’t squeek like other brake systems i know of *cough*ROTORA*cough* haha anyway go check out the sale i wish i could but i’ll be heading to the J-Town meet in Norcal “the Gathering!!!! haha


Old Supra pics from cars n coffee meet in Irvine

I guess i ended up saving some old Supra pics from a cars n coffee meet a while back.. which hey worked out good :: viola:: i needed content so here ya go! LOL .
Sorry it’s only supra related there’s a bunch of nice cars that go but i was in my Learn about 2JZ parts phase when i saved these pics.
Also there’s a lot pretty nice cars that come out to this event and it’s been going strong for a long time now. It’s a shame i can’t wake my lazy ass up to go and check out these cars in person. Thanks for the coverage from the people that actually wake up early. Pics from




Aussie built IS300

Been looking around for some crazy IS300 and found this nice one built in Australia. Looks to have a tubbed rear end to fit massive deep dish wheels .. I mean MASSIVE DISH in the rear!! The motor work is impressive too!! Looks like this owner took a lot of attention to detail. I love when people do that! hahaha . check out the pics. dsc02316ra0hpim3770hpim3772

Last Lexus meet at Westminister Lexus

looks like it was a good turn out .. my cousin and a few friends roll out there and took some shots. I would have gone and showed my IS300 but as always it was in the shop =(

first pic is a friend of mines blue IS300 with the VOLK TE37’s i just had polished and sold to him. Looks bad ass!!
Next is a pic of the Five axis cars and an IS-F they were showing off. i shoulda gone to the meet to atleast check it out, i heard they were giving away stuff and selling fully painted lip kits for $250-$300 ARG!! i always miss out !
oh well i heard they’ll have another meet in the summer .. can’t wait!