TAS- Tokyo Auto Salon: it’s happening right now!

LOL .. well those of you that know me, know that i went last year to TAS08 and it was an experience actually one of the best experiences i’ve had traveling besides almost dying on the airplane on the way home. (ask the guys at Creative they’ll fill you in) . but besides the point i was intending to go this year but with all the financial blah happening i wasn’t able to. I’m looking at all the blogs with coverage though and it does seem like it woulda been a good year to go. So far i’ve been looking at event coverage from some of my favorite blogs to visit: http://jdmego.wordpress.com/
pics area awesome.. and i can only imagine how the cars really look in person. Pictures just don’t do some cars much justice. With that said .. i’m glad i look at my fellow bloggers pages and feel like i kinda went to TAS but hopefully next year! i’d love to take my GF and experience TAS 2010 and all teh good eats Japan has to offer.

Your Uncle Bob


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