Back from Nor Cal event “the Gathering” by Wek Sos

Alright sorry for the lack of updates AGAIN! i know i know..been real busy in preparing the car for the Gathering that just past and have to say it was a phenomenal event! A lot in attendance 8000+ and the line to get it was insane!! All this in a parking structure!! who da thunk ?
This is the show where i debuted the Lexus’s new look! Pretty much a new design on the car.
Here’s some coverage and look at the my NEW and improved IS dsc02020dsc01983dsc01984dsc01942dsc01943dsc01945dsc01954dsc01955


Another Clean Skyline R33

back from my awesome snowboarding trip in Mammoth and it’s time for some updates..
and i chose this beautiful R33 i’m a big fan of this model and this one is just pure sex. HKS goodness, VOLK TE37’s and a super simple interior that still makes me drool.. sweet!!!! .. speaking of drooling look at the engine bay !! INSANE!! ah props to the owner of the car it’s gotta be one of my all time favs !