coverage of HIN Anaheim. by request.

Thanks Chris for reminding me to post some coverage. LOL. I’m not gonna post a buncha pictures of the event cause it’s my blog and i’m pretty much only gonna share with you the cars and stuff that really stood out to me. So hopefully you like it.
and here we gooOo.


and last but not least .. some girls that stood out to me from the show. hehe.. any one know the name of the girl that’s spilling out of her bikini top???


HIN at the Angel Stadium..

and .. i can’t go .. with a busy schedule and setting up events and having a personal life. I over booked myself and planned a trip to Vegas, and for that reason i can’t go !! Damn it .. i wish i could post pone the Vegas trip but i bought non refundable non exchangeable tickets and am bound to go! Such a local show and super close to my house ! ARG!! Plus i was gonna show with some new friends that are damn cool from AutoConcept! i actually feel like i dissapointed them a bit by not coming through and showing with them.
Next show for sure and hopefully other up coming events will be good.
just felt like getting that off my chest.. see you guys after i get back from Vegas!!!

VEGAS BABY!!! oh yah !!! .LOL.

Clean IS300 from forums.

Checking up the forums from time to time like i do i came across this little gem.. Not a bad build pulled fenders aggressive kit and done clean!! white on white with some pimp wheels.. can’t go wrong there! I believe hi name on the forums is PhillyB so if you see this blog homie.. you’re doing a hell of a job can’t wait to see what plans you have for the motor and interior you’re defenitely on the right track .. thumbs up!


Showoff is on!! Nisei week has been announced ..

The nation’s premiere import auto show hits Southern California on the 10th Annual Nisei Week Car Show, where the car show meets cultural experience in Downtown Los Angeles. Mainstream Productions presents the Nisei Week Showoff Car Show to be held at Little Tokyo on Saturday, August 15, 2009. This is the place where the top-notch show cars come out to compete and show.

Dodger Stadium says NO to hip-hop, HIN says NO to Dodgers Stadium!

Hot Import Nights Tour must move on; same date just a different location!

Due to the Dodger organization’s issues with our current HIN entertainment (Hip-Hop music, show hours, loud music, etc.) we have changed our venue for our March 14th event to the Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

They made the change to the Angel Stadium of Anaheim to ensure the delivery of the true HIN experience as the fans have come to expect.

hopefully look forward kicking off our 11th season at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim.