I don’t know how many of yous went to TORC AKA Toyotafest but if you did go or have heard about it. I attended the event thinking; cool i might come up on a 2 or 3rd place trophie like i did last year (not that i’m cocky and know i would win) but  just cause thats how it is. =) 

well at the show i was a bit surprised.. i didn’t win anything!! .LOL. which i actually didn’t mind cause i had fun at the show seeing a bunch of old friends and getting to see a bunch of cars i have soO much respect for. but still haha.. WTF!? right?  even had friends and some people i literraly just met that day saying the same thing WTF?! nothing?? which made me feel good that people not just judges respect my build.

but in any case, i get a phone call a few days after the event from the event coordinators saying that the MC missed my category and that they were extremely sorry for missing my name at the awards ceremony and would send out my trophy ASAP. Which i thought was really cool of them, making the effort to actually call then send the trophy  TWO THUMBS UP on the organizers. Don’t think any other show coordinators would do that. Well maybe Ken M. but that’s it! haha. 

here’s there letter and update on their site for my  “recognition” at the show.

securedownloadPicture 2

Transformers: bad ass flash drive!!

found this transformers 2G flash drive that i thought was pretty cool. The movie coming out is probably gonna bring a few choices ( i would hope) but i don’t know if they have any other ones that maybe i haven’t stubbled across. but this is damn cool.
check it.


here’s the site this ones at:

Have you registered?! Nisei Week SHOWOFF show

As a reminder to those that go to show their rides at this event hope you’re going to register soon as spots do fill up at this anticipated show.
and for all you that are the mailing list for Maintstream/ Showoff cafe you might have got the email with the teaser shots from my shoot with Ken Miyoshi for the flyers and website.
This was the teaser shot they used in the email.


can’t wait to see the flyer and website to see what pic they ended up using!!!

Jtuned Gallery carshow, Long Beach

Here’s some pics of the Jtuned Gallery show that was pretty cool although i was sick and didn’t really feel like being there. The event was pretty well organized and well put together. Can’t wait for the next Jtuned event cause they have the best trophies. SPARCO steering wheels!!! LOL. here’s the pics.


San Mateo update.

Apparently most the pics i have from HIN San Mateo are of girls haha these are the few i have of cars w/ girls. LOL. looking back it was a decent show and i had lots of fun out there. If it wasn’t for the cop situation out there i’d say can’t wait to go back next year but um.. errrr.. probably wont be going back. Darn the police for coming on site to check for cars at roll in and then pull them over right after the show.
enjoy the pics.