Daily: E46 M3 out on a drive with my Lexus

Me and my GF we’re taking a drive a while back when i first got the car and just started modding it.. Here my GF is in my M3 and i’m in the Lexus IS300.. right before we started to speed a little and mess with each other on the freeway , I caught this shot of the M’ in my mirror and it looked like a good shot so i’m sharing with you guys..( just for the record i always give the M3 a head start before i murder it and make it look like it’s parked hahaha)  ..anways. I’m still struck at the stance the KW2’s give the car. =)

Here a couple shots i took with my cell phone that i liked.

I love cars in motion always gives me a true respect for cars to see them driven rather then always parked.

check it out:



One thought on “Daily: E46 M3 out on a drive with my Lexus

  1. Whats your IS300 got in it? Those things are dogs out of the factory.. what 6 second 0-60 with the right wind,air conditions and a breeze to your back? How is that dusting your M3?? Is your M3 towing a boat?

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