car jacking attempt.

well my friend said it best so i’ll let him explain it

words by “the Chronicles: stickydiljoe”
“Oh one more thing. I came home today to news that my boy Billy (with the Laguna Seca Blue IS300) was jumped when two guys tried to take his M3 from him. Pretty fucked up world we live in when a guy can’t even get a burrito without some stupid shit happening to him. What a shame. Not like the guy is a pushover either, I mean, he trains MMA and isn’t exactly a small guy. Shit just ain’t fair when it’s 2-on-1 and people are sucker-punching you and shit. The good news is that he’s okay and left with only a couple bruises. Luckily they didn’t take his car and just took off. You always hear people on the net talking shit about how we don’t drive our cars and how we just garage them. Well, what the fuck do you expect? We can’t even go out and get some food without some motherfuckers trying to take our shit from us. Nevermind car theft, how about getting straight car-jacked? Oh and yes, he still got his burrito by the way. That’s Billy for ya. Nothing can stop him from getting his burrito, even when faced with tremendous adversity. Keep your head up son….Crazy fucking world I tell ya….”

well said my friend. well said! thank you .


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