My HKS, Chargespeed IS300 @ Spocom 2009, Long beach

Spocom was interesting yet again. Last year was a little of a disappointment and i brushed it off and thought eh, they’re still working out the kinks with judging. But this year: Come on now NO LEXUS class!? there were a ton of Lexus cars at the show. Yet you send a judge to come around and not check if there was anything my car could have competed in? Sure, i could of asked but i would figure it’s the judge that places you into a certain category he/she would think you could compete in.
Ah such a disspointment. I don’t have to win something but give the trophies to whom deserve it. JDM winner. not to knock him and his build but there’s plenty of other competitors with much more JDM parts on their car or just rare Japanese parts that should get recognized.
I’m over the show unless they can shape up and get things right next year.
Anyways i wanted to share some pics of my blue bucket that Joey AKA stickydiljoe from the Chronicles took. thanks buddy.
Check it:


One thought on “My HKS, Chargespeed IS300 @ Spocom 2009, Long beach

  1. Yeah I think Mikey won 3rd place JDM and wondered why/how that happened cause the only thing JDM is that it’s a Honda. Parts……not so much JDM. LOL!
    The show definitely needs to screen their judges better.

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