more.. 13 Devils memories and new updates on ride

Here’s another of my old teammates Tony L. He’s was a major contributer back in his day on 13D with his full Carbon front end and kit ( i believe he was the only one with this set up). The car just popped and had a short lived show career. Why? Hell if i know. i think the car coulda taken home awards and trophies like crazy if he woulda pursued it more.
Here’s the car in it’s haaaaay day!! LOL .



and .. now it’s current state. *drum roll please!!!
check it .

it’s was niice in it’s prime and hopefully eveyone will remember it the way it was and not the way it ended up. by the way Tony was fine from the accident. A little sore but still ok . thank goodness.
We’ll miss the car and always remember 🙂

off to new projects.. maybe i can do a write up whatever car he gets and update on new mods he adds to it.. possibility hrmmm.


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