It’s nice to be kinda, semi, somewhat Famous!!!

It’s kinda car related cause i’m either in the car .. or in front of the car. LOL . Close enough right? Other then that don’t really have much to update.
Although it’d be nice to have me up on the billboards getting recognized not only for building pretty decent cars but to be famous!! Aahh.. the life.
Hopefully one day it’ll come true and people will know my name and relate it to a face.
Anyways haha: here’s some having fun with pics.
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Auto Salon – Australia cover!!!

Got to love the media and the internet. Auto Salon contacted me a few months back and was very impressed with my build that they searched forums and websites for my car and I gotta give it them for being persistent. I almost thought the initial email was someone pulling a prank on me. But the email checked out and the staff in Australia is amazing! they set up the photographer and wrote a bang up article … Love the pics and layout of the magazine. Really well thought out.
Here’s Cover number 2 for me that’s on the other side of the planet! Thanks Auto Salon! On to the pics.. no more jibber jabber.

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my Import Tuner cover finally came out ..

thanks everyone for the support. Here’s a list people or shops you would like to thank for the buildup:
I’d like to thank my friends the Uchida family, Nick Stonawski at Creative car audio and motorsports.
Esteban at Auto Explosion.
Justin Nenni at Tuning Concepts.
Sarkis at Dyno Xtreme.
Steve at Mackin Industries.
TR Trading for most the rare JDM parts on my car.
Eric at ADF fabrications.
Donnie at Chargespeed/ Versus Motorsport.
Special thanks to Brian Filoteo, Joey Lee, Alan Shea, Jackie Hu, Tony Lee for the Help and dedication to be patient with me while working on this project you guys are the best! Also, Rodney Fernando and Jason Hills, the rest of GNO and Super Crew for support. My Team Auto Concept Elite and a super special shout out to my sisters Emily and Natelie Shea.

MY BMW Changes..

As you’ve seen i recently did a mini photo exposé on the M3 with the Volk LE37’s and just wanted a little change up. So that’s why i wanted to capture the car in that state. Now with that done. I’ve opted for new shoes for the car. All i took was cell phone shots of the day at TWS but hopefully i can set up with my buddy Joey to do another mini shoot to get some decent pics up soon
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Cool PM sent to me on My.IS forums.

This was cool to get Sunday morning being that i can inspire someone to build their car feels totally awesome. I appreciate the support i get from members on forums and friends that are around me with my IS300 build.
here’s the email that made me smile this morning. Thanks Tom
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Quote- ToMs2jz
“How’s it going Billy, sorry to bother I was just reading ur blog. I speak to your cousin Alan a lot on aim. Well I just wanted to say Thank you, when I read ur article on superstreet that motivated me to start my project. Seeing your car gave me that push I needed to never stop modding. I spent a lot of money and the sad part is I know I’m gonna keep spending more lol. We need more people like you in this scene. Once again sorry to bother. “

My M3 shoot .

Had lunch and chilled with the homies Jay and Joey yesterday and had asked Joey the night before if we could do a shoot since i was getting a new set of wheels and wanted some shots of the car the way it is now. He agreed and the shots came out a lot better then he thought they would it being a black car and we were loosing sun light pretty fast. But i love how the pics came out!! Thanks for taking the time to take pics Joey.
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bringing you a little BMW old skool: lovin the wheels.

I thought i’d share some photo’s i stumbled across while roaming the iNet. Old skool BMW have a precence about them i just don’t know what it is!? but with the wheels these guys put on. .OH MAN!! all i gotta say is “Gotta love the old skool”
(E36 in the pic isn’t too old skool but they’ve moved on 2 models since then! so i’m categorizing it as old ! ha! )
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