my Import Tuner cover finally came out ..

thanks everyone for the support. Here’s a list people or shops you would like to thank for the buildup:
I’d like to thank my friends the Uchida family, Nick Stonawski at Creative car audio and motorsports.
Esteban at Auto Explosion.
Justin Nenni at Tuning Concepts.
Sarkis at Dyno Xtreme.
Steve at Mackin Industries.
TR Trading for most the rare JDM parts on my car.
Eric at ADF fabrications.
Donnie at Chargespeed/ Versus Motorsport.
Special thanks to Brian Filoteo, Joey Lee, Alan Shea, Jackie Hu, Tony Lee for the Help and dedication to be patient with me while working on this project you guys are the best! Also, Rodney Fernando and Jason Hills, the rest of GNO and Super Crew for support. My Team Auto Concept Elite and a super special shout out to my sisters Emily and Natelie Shea.


5 thoughts on “my Import Tuner cover finally came out ..

  1. Congrats bro. I’ll have to pick up the issue and check it out. Oh and you said 800hp and now the cover says 900hp. Which one is it? LOL!

  2. haha,, dude it’s like 840 to the crank .. they just rounded waay higher. LOL . i guess when i told him i would retune later for more HP he thought it’d be soon?? LOL . you know they always gotta spruce up the stories.. Still glad the issue finally came out! yay me !

  3. Oh I know that they “spruce up” stories and cars all the time. At least I know for sure your shit is legit. Good job on the car bro. If it were me I would’ve dumped all that $$$ into a supra, but the IS fits just fine.

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