Battle of the Imports 11/22/09

Well.. those of you that know me, know i’m really into making cars look good and go fast.. i’m not the type to build a car completely for looks and just let it sit there stored away as a huge paper weight. Car has to move, use all those performance parts to all their full potential … with that being said.. my track day at Fontana speedway for the Battle of the Imports was a lack of words FAIL day for me haha. I did not show full potential of the car that day. For some darn reason i couldn’t get used to the new set up with the HKS T51R kai turbo like i got used to the HKS T04Z turbo (which ran consistant 13’s with lower boost and hp).
RPM’s felt off, timing of my shifting bleh. ugh. it was a messed up day . Best time i got was a 15.07 for the day. worst times i’ve ever gotten with the IS300.
I promise to do better next time and get real drag slicks of atleast drag radials for the next event the R888 just weren’t cutting it anymore either. I know i know .. sounds like a bunch of excuses but trust me i’m the hardest on myself about not showing the true potential of the car.

Also .. wanted to add that i went with my friend Ryan and his wife Lisa that brough out their MKIV Supra. Ryan had pretty decent passes till he got anxious on his 3rd run and dropped the clutch snapping his axle.
We all learn a little everytime we go to the track and just remember to do better next time.
Here’s some of the pics i took while in the pit and after my crappy runs being eliminated from the competition.

Here’s some pics from the event
stands were pretty full .. which surprised me .. overall good turn out.

in line waiting to race. Sorry don’t have too much coverage other than these .

i’ll finish with this pic of one of my fav cars Skyline R33. I believe this one had 1000whp. INSANE car.. loved it.

**edit** If you’re interested in seeing video of my fail pass i uploaded a video on to Billy Shea IS300 battle of the import race

Jtuned meet/ Formula D ProAm .. part 3

wanted to start this after Thanksgiving with a boom. So i’ll start the coverage off with the wreckage from the Formula D ProAm then go off into the meet section.

To end the coverage with DOMO!! here’s a close up the Domo man going along for the drift ride!!! LOL .

Stay tuned for the next coverage of Battle of the Imports. coming soon!

Happy Thanksgiving…

Wishing everyone a happy turkey day. Hope everyone gets their eat on and does the fat dance at the end of the night. haha

on that note. LOL . i wanted to share these Forza pics of my IS300 made by my friend Nick Stonawski aka Supra Nick. Pretty bad ass. looks like my car when i had the chargespeed kit on . Oh i miss that kit. Hrmm maybe i’ll put it back on one day 😉

Jtuned meet continued… part 2 coverage..

Here’s more of the Jtuned me it small still had quite a few pics
here you go:

here’s the homie Mike Y. is300 looked a lot better when he had the Gialla kit! haha

pretty dope looking FC .

there’s some JDM EGO ass. for ya !! haha sorry Jay .. thought you were doing your modeling thing so i snapped this pic

pretty nice GTS. liked the wheels and uber thumbs up to the chick driving it! haha. well this will end today’s parts 2 of the Jtuned meet. I’ll have more of the wreckage and few more cars next time around . hope you enjoyed . As for the people telling me to update! I AM I AM … sheesh . LOL .. thanks for the support by the way! :p

Jtuned meet, Formula D Pro AM, Irwindale, CA part 1

This was a small meet but the friends that came out made it so much better. Thanks for everyone that came by to kick it. I took random shots of the day, few of drift shots and some of the wreckage…
Check it.
enjoy my attempt at coverage. LOL .

with the crash as the end of part 1 more detailed pics of the wrecked car and more of the cars from the meet

Just added to the blog roll “”

If you ever wondered what your car might look like with a set of WORKs then you need to check out this blog!!! Buddy running the blog graced an old school pic of my IS300 with my old set of VS-KF’s ( back before the Laguna Seca Blue ) Ah how i miss my old set up!
Thanks for featuring my car on your blog looks GREAT!!

Hey look out .. might see a set of WORK wheels on the new set up!! wouldn’t that be a treat.. hrmm.. (to be determined!!!???) hahaha.. stay tuned!

mean while check out his blog: