Jtuned meet continued… part 2 coverage..

Here’s more of the Jtuned me it small still had quite a few pics
here you go:

here’s the homie Mike Y. is300 looked a lot better when he had the Gialla kit! haha

pretty dope looking FC .

there’s some JDM EGO ass. for ya !! haha sorry Jay .. thought you were doing your modeling thing so i snapped this pic

pretty nice GTS. liked the wheels and uber thumbs up to the chick driving it! haha. well this will end today’s parts 2 of the Jtuned meet. I’ll have more of the wreckage and few more cars next time around . hope you enjoyed . As for the people telling me to update! I AM I AM … sheesh . LOL .. thanks for the support by the way! :p

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