Holidays are over!!

The time of gift giving is over and done with! Thank goodness!! haha.. bah hum bug! jk jk
Hope everyone that checks this blog out had a decent Christmas with the fambam. I know i did! Although Christmas in my family is more for the kids i actually received a REALLY cool gift this year. I got a dog! I know i know . so not car related but eh. screw it ! It’s my blog damn it! haha.
He’s a 2 month old Gottiline blue bit bull. I know you’re probably asking yourself.. Blue? What the heck? But, he’s not really blue he’s grey 🙂 A
Although i didn’t get to take him home this weekend cause i was out of town i can’t wait to pick up from my Cousins house today or tomorrow. Gotta get the house ready for the little guy and pick up some supplys.
Here’s a few pics i snapped Christmas eve of Haze ( No i didn’t name him ) LOL . My little cousin named him and yes he does toke! haha Which makes more sense where he came up with the name “Haze”
anyways.. on to the pics!

Xmas Eve update! Industry track day pics continued

Happy holidays to everyone checking out blogs on their long holiday weekend. Xmas is upon us and … Well this is totally not christmas related. haha.
Wanted to get more up of the track day photos i have to share with everyone.
Here are a few of my IS300 actually on the track and finishing the lap. Nothing really special. haha. Enjoy

Here are some of the cars i took an interest in.

I have more pics i’ll be adding to this that i took with my iPhone and hopefully video form the event coming soon.

Stay tuned!!! and.. MERRY Christmas EVERYBODY!!!

Mattro Design shiftknob

I was recently contacted by Mattro design about their shifknobs and he sent one out to me to check out at the upcoming track day. Installed it today and drove the IS300 locally and it felt pretty good. Tomorrow is the track day and see if the weighted shiftknob actually helps.

It was actually a good replacement from my HKS limited shift knob that didn’t have any weight to it.
Here’s the what the shift knob looks like.

i’ll have a few pics of it in the IS300 and a track review after tomorrow.
As for now i’m pretty impressed.
check out their website for more info:

Thanks Evasive: IS300 Corner balance and alignment complete

Referred by a good friend i went to Evasive Motorsports today for some track prep like the title says the IS300 got corner balanced and an alignment  I was actually surprised with the weight distribution 51.8% to the front and 48.2% to the rear. Not bad for having  the iron block and big turbo  up front! BUT! the car is HEEEAAVY!! LOL . might as well call her BIG BLUE cause it came in weighing 3,613 pounds ..

With all this done I am now TRACK READY ! haha can’t wait to  wreak havoc on the track.
Here’s a few photo’s i snapped while there.

This is one of their well know track cars….

and.. finally my car on their rack ..

Here’s another shot they took themselves of the work in progress.. it’s already updated on to their blog!!!

check out their blog at:

Thanks again guys at Evasive!!!

TWITTER : twitter buggers, twits, twitheads, you get the picture…

For those of you twitter bugs and want to get to know a little about me then you can follow me on twitter!!! I’ll try and update on all the track events i’ll be attending and the preparations it take to get  the car to the track . Also.. you’ll see how i interact with friends and such thing like ” i’m going running errands”  and sometimes you’ll get a random picture thrown in from time to time for fun . So if you’re interested.
check it out:

Back from Mammoth Mountain: More Updates coming soon..

I Just got back from Snowboarding trip in Mammoth and i’m tired.. Awesome weekend and it snowed everyday i was there.. Which brings me to the updates i’m gonna do. I have LA auto show coverage and a few other goodies to bring ya.
but for now I’ll leave you with this drawing that someone brought to my attention that is AMAZING it’s of my car when i had the charge speed kit on.

Greddy Greddy Greddy Garage sale this weekend!!!

Greddy garage sale this weekend with a presale this Friday is gonna be AWESOME! I wish i could go but i’ve already promised a few friends that i’d go with them to Mammoth and freeze me ass off and go boarding. Which isn’t bad cause i haven’t been boarding yet this year.

For those of you lucky enough to check this out all i gotta say is LUCKYEEEES!! hahaha.
here’s the flyer for more info .