Holidays are over!!

The time of gift giving is over and done with! Thank goodness!! haha.. bah hum bug! jk jk
Hope everyone that checks this blog out had a decent Christmas with the fambam. I know i did! Although Christmas in my family is more for the kids i actually received a REALLY cool gift this year. I got a dog! I know i know . so not car related but eh. screw it ! It’s my blog damn it! haha.
He’s a 2 month old Gottiline blue bit bull. I know you’re probably asking yourself.. Blue? What the heck? But, he’s not really blue he’s grey 🙂 A
Although i didn’t get to take him home this weekend cause i was out of town i can’t wait to pick up from my Cousins house today or tomorrow. Gotta get the house ready for the little guy and pick up some supplys.
Here’s a few pics i snapped Christmas eve of Haze ( No i didn’t name him ) LOL . My little cousin named him and yes he does toke! haha Which makes more sense where he came up with the name “Haze”
anyways.. on to the pics!


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