E46 M3 Progression IV

Here’s some work on the rear hahaha. CSL *style add on CF wing which didn’t last long but it did the trick for a while. Next came the Vorsteiner CSL diffuser. during it’s install .

Here’s the fun but really simple diffuser install. Still got the stock exhaust haha. awesome.

Here’s a rolling shot of it after the install with my GF drivng while i follow snapping shots in the IS300. I’m sure i’m mentioned this before and blogged about it .. but. Here it is again.

E46 M3 Progression III

Now begins the adding of the front lip. I’ve gone through so many of these either it be something on the freeway (like on my bday) or just a crappy driveway. I still have like 3 cracked ones in the garage!! Ugh. Haha either way love how a simple lip gives the car personality.

First pic is obviously no front lip then a couple after the instal at the local Shell LOL

E46 M3 Progressions

Alright back on track.. I said I was gonna bring you the build from beginning to the way it stands now. And here it goes…
being brought to you VIA iPhone app and iPhone pics (so excuse the quality of the pics)

Starting with the first mod: Which of course was suspension! KW v2 to start with I installed with my buddies at TWS

Blakes Supra meet..

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback, text and emails in regards to this meet. Main thing here is that no one got hurt and that the owner of the car was lucky that there was no body walking on the sidewalk when it happened. The owner of the car has come forward and said himself that it was a bad judgment call and he’s aware of the idiot move he pulled. So with that said let’s learn from this incident and have our meets and gathering without showing off too much. Cause at the end of the day we’re all enthusiasts.

I know some of you saw the original post and agreed with me and others. well? haha.. had some words to share. I posted all comments that were written and have nothing to hide. I erased what was written for one of the guys friend that asked respectfully to remove it. So i did. For those trash talking that actually made me want to keep the post up but i understand a friends got his friends back and he did the right thing by asking me to take it down with class.  Appreciate that.