Supra meetings gone bad!

In respects to the owner . I removed all comments and just leaving the pics up .

pics of the wreck. by Tony Lee

9 thoughts on “Supra meetings gone bad!

  1. His supra wasnt stock

    I heard it has about something like 565 rwhp on pump gas.

    That wasnt a stock supra lol… with a single turbo haha

    get your sh!t straight before you call people tards

  2. “BUT. . this one tard in a nearly stock supra tries to showboat.” You’re a fucking idiot, for one I didn’t know 600whp were considered nearly stock, and two you’re one of those douche bag people who are quick to jump on the high horse an judge someone. Do yourself a favor and don’t show up to the next meet, we don’t need a tard like yourself to come out and badmouth members of our community.

  3. Dont feel bad for this tard, he is a tard. He did something stupid and now the internet is laughing at him, thats what happens when you do stupid things.

  4. Dude you shouldnt have taken the post down. Who the fuck cares if this was a close homie of theirs. Billy may have jumped to conclusions about the car but not what this guy did. We were there and saw what happened. You have no right to ask Billy take this post down just because he “is a close homie” or because you didnt like what he said. Create your own fucking blogs then. You seem to forget his carelessness could have killed someone and made all you Supra guys look very bad. How you think Nick or the owner of the restaurant feels hosting this meet. And Billy doesnt need to come to your meets risking getting pulled over on the way. He did it as a favor to Nick and not to you ass bags. That’s fine if you dont want him there. He probably doesnt want to be there anyways incase another one of you guys decides to showboat and crashes. Have fun with the fast and furry supra at your meets.

  5. Shant i know Kev is ur boy, BUT Billy and i go waaaaay back and i personally invited him to the meet. Billy is a good guy and honestly said nothing different then anyone else did on ALL the other forums about the situation. We’re all happy Kev is ok and we’re all happy Billy came out to show off his creation. Both are invited back anytime!

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