The New Daily.. Benz E500

As most of you know, if you’ve been following this blog before or seen on or I used to have a E46 M3 and it was fun and an amazing car but it was time to move on and try something different so got rid of the car. I’m sure the new owner will have tons of fun with the car cause everything i had on the M3 was pretty much left for the owner to tinker and play with.

With that said i’ve moved over to the large luxury car, Mercedes E500. I don’t know what it is about the car but i love the class the car carries also it’s a different build then what i’ve done before and i kinda like that. I wanted to get away from the sporty, go fast thing and try this VIP/ comfort thing out for a bit. If i need speed i’ll drive the IS300 around haha. The car came with some 20 inch Jim Gainer Neez wheels that i wasn’t familiar with but apparently they’re pricey wheels *shrugs* the Benz also came with AMG front/ rear bumper, ART sides and Exhaust which i thought was cool and saved me some trouble. I’ll probably be getting rid of these wheels and trying to find some wheels with major lip to stuff in the rear to fit the look I’m going for. Oh and the car has some Airmatic thing that raises and drops the car another new thing i didn’t know Mercedes had which is a cool factory option to have. Whoohoo another saved hassle ( i didn’t have to buy Air ride!! ) haha. I’ll definitely be playing around with this and see how low i can get the car and still be drivable. Soon. Gonna go slow with the car and enjoy the build.

Billy Shea
Here are some quick iPhone pics I took of the car at random locations (basically parking lots).

and the last one just cause it was tucked in the rear and it’s hard to tell in the other shots.


BOB’s your Uncle is BACK!!!

I know its been forever since this site has been updated specially since started but i wanted to get back to the roots of my blogging. So i’m back at it on this site to blog it up cause can take care of it’s self is in capable hands. Tony and the crew are doing a bang up job and don’t need me.  I’ll be doing coverage from time to time but more about my life, my cars and what i’m into.

First up date will be the new ride I just got it’s nothing crazy like the IS300 but it’s something very different to me.

Stay tuned