illest Grand Opening Jtown LA

The illest Boutique LA grand opening on 1-11-11 was PACKED! Hella people supporting and wanting to see the new store start off great. The line was absurd and the facebook, twitter updates all day were more then enough to prove that even if people couldn’t make it they wish they did. Haha . me? yup i’m one that wish i coulda make it but instead i was behind a desk reading the timelines on FB and Twitter. 😦

On to the pics!!! The pictures brought to you are by my Buddy Minh Nguyen. Thanks Minh!

Billy Shea

The early birds got good parking !!! I spy a car i know haha

LONG ASS line!!

Yup.. still going!! haha. wrapped around the block!! Geebus!

and.. drum roll!!!! the inside of the store!

Fresh Gear! Be sure to go check out the store i’m sure there’s more fresh gear there you’ll like.

Enjoy the Gallery:

RAUH Welt S15 Wowsers

I know most are familiar with the RAUH Welt Porsche’s and it’s been seen on a lot of blogs such as Speed Hunters and JDMEGO. BUT, whoa! I never knew there was a RAUH Welt S15!!! I could lie and act like i knew but DAYUM I had no idea. I just posted some love on their Porsche’s on It’s DTM yo site and when i came across these images i had to share.
Check it out. ::drool session commencing:: NOW! lol

Billy Shea

IS300 love across the pond TS Drift

Saw some buddy’s post this on FB and had to share. I’m totally a IS300 fan (obviously) but wow. These guys look like they’re having fun and are real enthusiasts. I think that’s been lost here in the states for us not all of us but it’s noticeably different feel.
Check out the video and post a comment.


Toysport UK ::dope video:: i can’t post it cause it’s vimeo but click here to watch