San Francisco Adventure. Wekfest or Bust

I don’t even know where to start because it was just such a mission to get to SF. I was able to get of work early and the plan was to leave by 2pm Friday but there were speed bumps cause from previous trips North have never been easy. So 2pm was suppose to be take off time and it was already 3:30p and no sign of my co-pilot aka gf. Then, the distress call.. she ran outta gas rushing to get to my house but didn’t quiet make it. Had to go get her and put some gas in her car. We drop off the car and it’s now 4pm,  leave time? Eh wasn’t too bad .. thought alright, coo. Lets go!

Gas up before hitting the road and SF bound!!! Next speed bump was a loose power cable in the trunk where the battery is. Which flipped a relay off in the trunk!!  And having no access to my trunk but my key remote had bad news written all over it. No key hole because there’s a reverse camera in it’s place, which also cancelled out the manual lever by the seat. Rear seats don’t go down on the IS300 and the ski boot isn’t accessible from the inside. So what to do? Sat there with no power no jumper cables and no local friends in the area. Called a few people for suggestions and they all weren’t possible without jumper cables and help. So all i had was a Home Depot near by and being frustrated isn’t a good thing. Ended up popping a hole in the trunk and opening it manually .. Isn’t bad cause it’s not visible but Oh hurt so bad to cut the metal. It’s now bout 6:30 and raining GREAT!! But the car was running and I was determined not to miss this show! Here’s the first part of the adventure for Friday i’ll continue with Saturdays part of the trip next. Stay tuned

Gas Station where the cars power cable flipped the relay 😦

SF Bound !! but now it’s raining hard and traffic!! FAIL FAIL FAIL haha. Wekfest or Bust!

8 hrs later with torrential rains and traffic … The Bay Bridge!! we’ve arrived!

Local SF Gas station for some gas and Car’s running like a champ !

View from the room next morning..

Rain just wont go away and it’s FREEZING!!

Ready for day 2 of this adventure!! It’s raining and we’re still going out to explore and have some clam chowder! HKS umbrella ready to go!

On that note. follow up for Saturdays fun.


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