Local Carmotion website

As most of you know i’ve been blogging for a while. Here on this site and on it’s JDM yo (when it first started), It’s sister site DTM yo but i just got tired of it all for a while and stopped. Sure i got a little encouragement from good friends “do some work!” But in the end i get lazy and lose the motivation.
I started updating this site again after the blog bug bit again and got some good results. Which i appreciate all the long time followers it really means a lot.
So with that said im working on a new project .. NO not another car project LOL but ANOTHER blog. One more generalized to car and lifestyle. I sometimes feel limited to what i can update because of the name of the blog. JDM, DTM, Lexus and just wanted to broaden the range. I’m a fan of all cars and don’t want to be restricted. I know technically it’s my blog and i should be able to write or cover what i want but i guess it’s just me.
i’ll still throw some things on here from time to time just cause it’s the OG blog and i want to keep it alive but i’ll mainly be putting my attention on www.localcarmotion.com

Just started putting up my weekend adventure to Wekfest III in SF. So check it out and let me know what you guys think.

Wekfest III


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