WEKFEST III MIKE Edition [Part 2]

The next category that had a huge presence as the same at any other show are the Acura/Hondas

I think this is the first time I have seen this “Euro R” in person, and I must say I am a great admirer of it. I have never seen a TSX ever modded that wasn’t hella dumped/flush.

This group of NSX’s was definitely a site to see. I was having a hard time getting a picture of all their entire line up. I believe there were four or five more that I couldn’t get into the picture. Personally, I think NSX’s are becoming a “dying” breed and to see such a large gathering of them at a show made the statement that they shouldn’t be forgotten as on of the great JDM sports cars.

Big Mike’s Prelude. Well I have never met the guy personally, but from word of mouth, online features, and his name printed on his engine covers, I’m assuming thats his name. I remember seeing this car last year for the first time at last year’s Wekfest and it still has a very strong presence. I do not really know the mods that have been done to this car, but I could still appreciate the time and effort that he put into this build.

There were many S2000’s present at Wekfest, but for some reason this one caught my full attention. I think that in itself is a tough feat because it is hard to make your car unique when it seems like everyone has already has “done that”. I am not sure if this car has or ever will see track time, but I favor this amongst all the others due to its simple yet aggressive stance.

I never thought I would ever give praises to a Civic, but I thought these two deserved recognition. I mean on the streets of SoCal, spotting one of these in your rear view mirrors is going to be pretty rare (well unless you are rolling into a show). Sometimes I wish that more cars on the street would have the same taste in mods such as these two, but sadly not all people share a common taste.

Last major categories of cars present at Wekfest III were the Rare JDM/ Euro/ Others

Well this picture pretty much speaks for itself. It is not very often that you see one, let alone two, but three of these historical JDM vehicles. I feel as though if you were to see any more of these that you would be in a car museum. I really hope these cars make the trip down for the Wekfest show that is supposed to happen in SoCal.

I am hoping I did my research correctly on this car, but this is a Toyota Century. Now this is the first one of these I have ever seen stateside. I don’t even care that this car doesn’t have a 19″ step lip whatever rim because even in its OEM stance this car can turn heads for those who know what type of car this is.

This SL65 AMG was the only Mercedes I could remember from the show and what a Mercedes to represent for the maker. The HRE’s fit like a glove for this car.

This is Jamari’s newly revamped STI. This car won best of show in the import category at SEMA this past year and was on the cover of Import Tuner.

Speaking of Import Tuner, be sure to look out for Johnfob’s model feature. He definitely has what it takes to take all the models that have been featured on the cover so far. HAHA

Overall, I thought the Wekfest III was a success. The crowds were flocking the venue almost the same as last year. The quality of cars I would say almost surpassed last years group. I am looking forward to when Wekfest is coming down to SoCal. Hopefully the people from up north wouldn’t mind driving down south just for the show because I think mixing in a variety of NorCal and SoCal whips is what defines Wekfest.


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