ILLMIKE Supra build pt # 2

If you thought i was only gonna update with the HKS USA news!? Then you were WRONG!! Haha.

Bringing you 2nd installment to illMike’s Supra build. It’s taking some time but making some progress on this Supra. Getting some new parts to give it a freshness and it’s looking great! I really can’t wait to see this put together and painted already but paint, kit, wheels, suspension etc. OH man .. we might have a long way !? or do we? LOL . I’ll keep with the updates so we can see this car done.
check it .

New Headlights!? Yes, please! 

Kit is here and ready for some work 

BEFORE! AFTER!!!!! wheels look sick .( sucky pic but trust! they look good)

what’s next ?! wait and see…

HKS USA shutting down!?

WOW i know all us carnerds have heard the news and i’m another to reblog and post it.. but it is car news and for the people that haven’t heard HKS USA is closing the doors and the company is keeping the Japan side alive and well. Parts will still be there to buy maybe just a pain in the ass to get but the companies still around. Everyone that knows me knows i am a HUGE fan and supporter of their product.
Check the letter that brings the news direct from HKS Co..

Beautiful cars built by the company check this FT86

Just Drift. Long Beach Formula D

Finally! The drift coverage from Formula D. Brought to you by the homie Robert J. .. He had one of the best spots where all the action was. Had to wear lime green vest but fuck it! haha worth the pictures he shot. There’s not much to say other then the drifting was bad ass .. ah screw it .. the pics speak for themselves.

Check out the gallery for some show cars that popped into Rob’s coverage. Worth checking out for sure. LOL .

Death of

Death of a website . I’m going back to the roots of it all.
I worked on the website tryin to set up something new and different but it didn’t have what i was looking for. Maybe it was the name, (which WAS hella long .. haha..) or maybe i really wasn’t into it. But with that I’ll be bringing more updates to . I recently moved everything over from Local Carmotion over to the Bob’s your Uncle site so the work Mike Yanase, Whistle, and I did doesn’t go to waste. I’ll still be doing the car builds and coverages (when i can make it to a show) and dope stuff I happen to see and want to share with you guys.

I thank all the loyal followers that have followed this blog from day 1 and i hope to bring you something enjoyable and entertaining to keep you coming back for more.

Coming soon is coverage from the homie Robert of the FD event in Long Beach. It’s a little late but with the recent changes and the decision to move everything here delayed everything. Here’s a teaser from Roberts pics.

Formula Drift x Slammed Society, Long Beach prt 1

Oh man. I got a pretty cool story about this event (well i think it’s cool) LOL  this show was a surprise to me and pretty much came outta no where.. Being that i don’t pay attention to facebook, I think i woulda missed it if someone didn’t mention it to me. Which happened to be the Tuesday before the venue. So with that i started making hitting up the homies tryin to find out more about the show and registration. I some how got lucky and got to be the car display for Spocom which was cool! BUT!!! then i get a bombed dropped on me by my  homie Tricia sayin i had to be there at 6am .. uh?!?! 6AM !!! What the fooos! Man!!  people that know me know I’m not one to be on time to anything. Specially with that call time man.. I was already warning the folks at Spocom i was gonna be late and dont’ be mad. Then the doozy…  if you’re not in by 6:30 the latest you won’t be allowed into the venue. I’m like WTF? Why! but then..  I later remember that the main entrance is actually on the track and they move the cement block walls for the drift event. So with that  i had to be close to on time. haha I like my sleep what can i say!? haha. But i do make it on time 6:45 am witch wasn’t  THAT bad. It wasn’t 6:30 but i made it. Finally there in the Long Beach cold met up with some Tricia, David and the Auto Concept Elite homies. From there it was all good and the early morning wake up i was dreading was all worth it. Started to clean the car,  drank a beer at 8:30 am then started to get coverage. Wonderful day check out the first installment of pics.

My car here at the Spocom booth. Thank you!

This car was the tits!! FLAWLESS!! loved it the paint was immaculate and the styling was Awesome. .. Drool.

Jon’s S2k

Jr’s G37 RIP . Nick taking care of business for once and cleaning LOL.

BJ brought out Ben’s awesome FD to the event after this i couldn’t get a good shot of the car cause there was people always around it .

This car is awesome!!

This car and the car below have something in common .. hrmmm..

Darn spoiled the surprise! haha LS swaps are a little too common with the drift cars but they’re high HP wonders. Gotta love it.

Close up of the 2 LS swaps

Not the prettiest hood prop but hey .. it works :p

Check out the gallery for more pics of the event :

Wow. surprised.

Thanks for the continued support . I look at the views on this site and it’s the tits! LOVE it. The continued support on this site with me doing itsJDMyo, itsDTMyo and now Local Carmotion. I’m looking for somethings to update here but i the mean time check out the new project. It’s pretty much a name i thought of that i can use to cover all types of cars and not label JDM, DTM or any of those sorts.
I’m actually tryin to think of melding this site and the Local Carmotion site so they link up but so far it’s a no go . So hopefully you check out both and enjoy.



illmike Supra build part 1

My homie Mike better known as illmike just started a new project and was stoked when i gave him the idea of featuring the build on the blog. He definitely someone real familiar with building cars he’s had winning show accord, lexis Is250 and even a SEMA built RX7 FD. So he’s definitely not a stranger to building a dope cars.

Here’s the car the way he got it. Which from what he’s told me was sitting for 4 years with out being driven so he has his work cut out for him and was up for the challenge. Fluids changed and already got the car to turn over.

from getting the car to start to already stripping the faded chipped paint for new paint and surprise body kit. Works quick and already has BIG plans for this car.

inperrfections small dents being cleaned up . gonna look flawless when it’s painted.

Primer done.. now for paint. Color ??

We’ll see what the next part brings ..