Honda Head once again…

(not the best picture but it was the day i drove it home 5-17-11)

I haven’t been too into the honda scene since i had my right hand drive DA8 and kinda got back into it when i got my 2008 Element SC that i fixed up. But that was short lived and i parted out the Element and sold the car. Me and my GF just recently picked up a 96 Prelude Si for me to daily cause, man .. driving an E class daily to and from from work is just costly and what better way to save on gas then a Honda. It’s not the best of condition car but that’s just another thing for to me put together and give it my personality.

Im not too familiar with this car and just reading about it and checking parts and part availability it seems to be the red headed step child of the 90’s era honda world. It might be i don’t know where to look since i’m such a newb again.. but even just looking for dope wheels in a 4 x 114.3 just sucked. haha. I’ll keep looking into the car and learning what i can cause that’s what this hobby of cars is all about. Learning something new and expanding the knowledge is always fun when it’s about cars.


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