7 Speed Manual

WOW. A manual 7th gear cars the wave of the future? 6 Gears like what we’re familiar with now for speeds but rather then have the 6th gear for cruising it’ll be for getting to top speed and now the 7th keep the engine revs down for optimal fuel saving. I’m amazed at technology improving and how the game is changing.
I can’t wait to try and drive one and experience going through all 7 gears but i don’t think that’ll be anytime soon since it’ll only offered in 2012 models coming from Porsche and 2014 from Chevy. Porsche 911’s and the Corvette C7 both that will waaaaaay out of my price range maybe in 20 years or maybe when it goes to a more affordable model and manufacturer will i experience but till then enjoy the pics of the
2012 Porsche 911

2014 Corvette C7
and the only image i can find looks so doctored up but it’s something .. enjoy.

NY: TRD NEO double take

Kevin and Shawn have some sick IS300’s and having real TRD Neo is awesome to see but when you have 2 that’s just twice the visual pleasure. To see the same kit but executed differently is always a plus. These cars are Clean and streetable beasts and i love the direction they’re going with them. Light weight Enkei racing wheels on one and the 3pc Racing Harts !!! (with caps LUCKY!)(I’m STILL looking for caps if anyone has leads let me know) can’t go wrong with either of those choices.
Enjoy !

what happened to the IS-F?

I remember when the car came out and it was suppose to be BMW’s competitor to the M3 but since it’s debut the car has died out (well to me at least) I haven’t heard anyone talk about building one or track stories since the launch.
Being that i have owned a M3 i’m not gonna lie i am a fan of the BMWs but i also do own a IS and i love them both but i wanted to make a post about the IS-F to bring back some love for the car that has so much potential. I’d love to see more builds.
In the mean time i found this pretty clean IS-F .. if anyone has some pics of some bad ass ones send them over i’d love to see.

Jersey WRX revisited

As promised here are more pics of the WRX.

Thought it’d be cool to bring more then just the exterior and show the inside of the cabin . Which looks pretty clean. Dunno about the warning sign kicking it in front of the passenger seat but eh. Still like how the inside just looks simple  and nice.

Random: Ducati love

Well i have another update in the works with the Subi in the previous post a continuation but since i’m in Ft. Lauderdale for work and don’t have my computer i guess i’ll update with something else to fill the time since i’m stuck at a convention. 😦

While out in Ft. Lauderdal i’ve just been seeing a boat load of bikes and just day dreamin of when i used to own my own. Saw this particular bike and my jaw dropped! Loved it! Dude had a girl on the back and a crew with him so it was a pretty dope sight to see.

Wish i could have actually got a picture of the group and the bike i saw but by the time i unlock my phone go to the camera app they’d be gone anyway.
Hope you enjoy the random update and stay tuned for the continuation for the WRX.