Toyota Tuesdays: Toyota Hilux

Thought I’d try something different here and post some truck love. I’ve been into trucks for a while and have owned a few trucks ranging from a lifted duelly (Fab tech 4in lift front 6 inch lift back w/ air bags) and a long bed F250 with a 8in lift (all around w FOX suspension) both Diesel that i used when I was contracting. I totally miss the off roading and just having that IDGAF attitude driving was always awesome. But those times are gone and i realistically wont ever need a Diesel truck again so I’d love to get a gas truck and if I could would totally replicate this Toyota Hilux .. it’s stanced but a totally different type of stance that we’re used to hearing about .  Too bad they don’t have this model her in the states so I’ll keep dreaming. Maybe they’ll come out with something similar and I can have a snowmobile/surf and biking vehicle again.



RX7 LS1: Revisited

iLLMike sent me this pix of his FD and I had to share! Car looks sick and is also for sale for those that want a car that’s been done right. Definitely worth it. Message me here and I’ll send you a link with his contact info. Other then the sales pitch it is a bad as car. Check out the RX7 LS1: The Reveal for the details and specs


Stolen Civic: Update

Some good news in this horrible situation that I just found yesterday that the EK Civic I posted stolen last week was recovered. Of course the car was stripped beyond repair with a list of rare and JDM parts it was sure to happen. It’s sad that the car that was going no where but up and just making it’s presence in the scene was just stolen and stripped of it’s dignity. Car will most likely be junked and as for owners plan to continue on to another build it’s undecided. Hopefully the luster for car building is still there and this misfortune doesn’t leave a sour taste for him with a future build.


Toyota Tuesday: 1977 Celica GT ST2000

Felt a little nostalgic today and started thinking of an old school car I’d love to own and work on and the Toyota Celica ST2000 Lift back was the first thing to pop into my head. Mustang inspired Toyota has an awesome seamless design, used in a lot of Japan anime and is a definite favorite to many Toyota enthusiasts. Here are a few pics of modded to stock Celicas:



Stolen Civic

I don’t know if you some of you follow my feeds on Facebook or Twitter but I’ve been posting some pics of my friends EK Civic that was recently stolen. It was stolen at an event no less, Fontana at the Auto Club Speedway between 11-12p, January 15th. License plate number is 6MMV599.

It’s sad to think that even at an event for enthusiast you have to be looking over your shoulder that some sleaze bag might steal your car. A lot of work into this car and my buddy Lance is the type of enthusiast that has those old school fundamentals and put in the blood and sweat into the build. So it would be great if any one has any leads on the car. You can message me here on the website, Facebook or Twitter. If by any chance you see the car driving on the streets call the police and report it’s where abouts so that these people get what they deserve.

Elemental Experience

Honda Elements, We see them everywhere but none really that fixed up. I don’t know why? Specially with the Scion XB being all boxy and so into the mainstream but i guess to each their own. I had one for a solid year before I sold mine but like with any car I’ve owned, the mod bug bit me and from day 1 I brought it home from off the lot I was already researching what parts might fit and got started ordering my parts. My Honda Element of choice was the 2009 SC model and I do admit I miss that car. Roomy interior, styling was cool, and it was different from any other car I’d owned before. Wasn’t too fond of the power band and gas mileage but go figure it’s a box on wheels it’s aero-dynamically inefficient. If I could get one with 32+MPG i’d definitely think about getting another one. Well onto teasing with few pictures:

Here’s pictures my Elemental experience in the first few weeks, As i find more pics i’ll update again.

2009 Honda Element SC

Day in the life: Civic

I had a friend help me out while I was getting some work done on my Benz and he let me borrow his EG Civic for a day and I gotta say it bring me back. Slammed, exhaust, H22 and just Raw! Reminded me of the past and how at one time of another the older generation may have owned something like this. I wouldn’t try and relive my past at all an get another cause I’m getting old haha and honestly as much as I love the power to weight ratio and the exhaust a noise. I couldn’t do it everyday! Man I felt old. Started complaining to myself sayin how the hell did I deal with the exhaust note! Wow my ears are tryin to decide radio or exhaust tone (which I listen to) but none the less I have the respect for the build as its not for me cause I’m getting to that old fart age and like the quiet Ill relive my youth by seeing the younger generation have fun and build there cars. EG is definitely an icon in scene and I don’t think that’ll ever change. On to the pics



HKS Toyota 86 for D1 Grand Prix Season

Oh man the excitement I got just from hearing HKS was back in the mix and back at Tokyo Auto Salon this year with the NEW Toyota 86 no less, I was ecstatic and was quickly looking up pictures. WOW! I fell in love the old school splash graphic theme. As you’ve seen on my IS300 before. How can you not love it? Back to basics for HKS. To me it’s true HKS styling that made them who they are now. With NOB Taniguchi Driving Can’t wait to see more video’s of this at the D1 Grand prix and what ever else they have lined up. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the event lists. But, I don’t want to babble on about the details. On to the pics.

RX7 LS1: The Reveal

IllMike RX7 LS1 is just clean! We didn’t get an official shoot together even though i’ve been dying to use the new lenses I got for Christmas but I couldn’t wait to post these. LS1 power in an RX7 I have to say I am definitely a fan. I’ve had friends with FD’s and the headaches they had in just keeping the rotary up , running and healthy is just a pain and this swap is a definitely more and more common now a days. The 99 spec is also a plus with his build, aero, Stoptech, and the LE37’s come together brilliantly. Check out the details of work that went into the car.

Here are the Stats:

IllMike: 1993 Mazda RX-7 R2

*Jet Black Paint Job
*APR Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors
*JDM 99spec Front Bumper
*JDM 99spec Front Lip Spoiler
*JDM 99spec Turn Signals
*JDM 99spec Rayberg Fog Lights
*JDM 99spec Tail Lights
*Aluminum Exterior Door Handles(Powder coated: Flat black)
*Custom C-West HID Headlight setup (Bixenon Projector, 4300k Blubs)
*FEED Carbon Fiber(Ghost) Side Skirts
*RE-Amemiya Carbon Fiber(Ghost) Street Diffuser
*SHINE Carbon Fiber Lip Spoiler
*Viper 2-way Alarm system w.remote start
*JDM 99spec Steering wheel
*Alpine Head unit
*Infinity Perfect Speakers
*Custom Built Speedhut gauges.
– Revolution GPS Speedometer
– Does 0-60 time
– 1/4 mile times
– Top speed
– Elevation
– Clock
– High beam indicator
– Blinker indicator
– “LSX RX7” text in the center
*Speedhut Water Temp. Gauge
*Speedhut Oil Pressure
*Speedhut Fuel Gauge
*Speedhut Tach
*3m Color-Stable Tint installed. including Front Windsheild
*2000 model Ls1 / 4l60e Transmission
*Custom built cradle for LS1 Engine
*Custom built transmission brace
*Patriot Performance GM Ls6 style stage II heads (2.02″/1.57″/ 59cc)
*Patriot cam, Gm LS series 225/229 .580″ /.590″ 114LSA
*Gen III LS1 / LS6 Series JP Performance Billet Timing Gear set W-single row Chain
*Gm LS Series head gaskets .041″ compressed
*HD torque to yield bolts
*5/16″ x 7.400″ Hardened .080 wall pushrods
*Ported OEM throttle body.
*Cut, bored and ported OEM MAF sensor
*Lokar Aluminum throttle cable bracket
*EGR deleted, shaved hole on the intake manifold.
*ARP oil pan bolts, ARP starter bolts, ARP Torque converter bolts.
*3.5″ Cold Air Intake, Custom built and tig welded / K&N filter.
*Protective thermal boots for sprakplugs.
*BDR torque converter, 2500-2800 stall
*HD trans cooler mounted up front on the radiator.
*Mishimoto LS swap radiator mounted in stock location with added lower support bar for protection.
*Mishimoto Ls swap black silicone hoses
*Mishimoto LS swap aluminum fan shroud and dual fans
*Howe expansion tank setup used to fill the engine with coolant.
*HD custom built Drive Shaft.
*Shorty style built headers
*Mandrel bent piping w.dual MagnaFlow Mufflers (2.5″ to 3″)
*Braille light weight racing battery
*Braille aluminum mounting base.
*HD bump steer kit
*Walbro 255hp intake pump, Dual -6 black fuel line
*Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator.
*STANCE XR w/SWIFT Springs (Custom spring rates)
*Delrin bushings
*Rear Live axle swap (Straight axle)
– Ford 8.8 Lsd, 3.73 geared rear end, 31 spline axles.
*Triangulated 4 link Rear end setup.
– Uni body sub-frame was completely reinforced using laser cut 3/16″ steel plate, fully welded together.
*VOLK LE37T (Gunmetal) 18×8.5 / 18×9.5
*Dunlop SP Tires
*Tuner Lug Nuts
*STOPTECH 4Pot Big Brake Kit
– 2 Piece Floating Hat & Rotor (Slotted)
– 4-Piston Stoptech Calipers
– Caliper Adapter Mounting Brackets
– Stanless Steel Brake Hoses
– Performance Street Brake Pads