Warm Welcome: Blogger, sneak peak

Wow! thank you all for the warm responses and visits to the blog. Very motivational to keep this blog updated. I don’t think I’ve seen numbers like this since … well? Forever. I appreciate the support.

I wish I knew what to update. Haha everything is covered or overly put out there. I know it must get boring seeing all the same cars and topics on all the blogs. I’ve always been one to be different but with so many blogs it’s hard to be original. Even my Facebook feed looks like blogs are competing to see who can throw more pics of random coolness up there. So what’s left to blog? Well… that’s where i’m stuck.

Besides saying thank you for all the visits I really had nothing to share other then some random car pic or model I had in mind but to my surprise it was something already feeding on some other blog.

Good thing my buddy Mike or IllMike as he’s known to a few of you just got his car (that’s kinda been on the low low) out the shop today.

Hoping to get a shoot with this car soon. Specially since it’s fresh out the shop and looking sexxy .. Here’s some teaser shots for you to check out that he sent me earlier today.

FD<3 Damn .. what a tease.


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