Stolen Civic

I don’t know if you some of you follow my feeds on Facebook or Twitter but I’ve been posting some pics of my friends EK Civic that was recently stolen. It was stolen at an event no less, Fontana at the Auto Club Speedway between 11-12p, January 15th. License plate number is 6MMV599.

It’s sad to think that even at an event for enthusiast you have to be looking over your shoulder that some sleaze bag might steal your car. A lot of work into this car and my buddy Lance is the type of enthusiast that has those old school fundamentals and put in the blood and sweat into the build. So it would be great if any one has any leads on the car. You can message me here on the website, Facebook or Twitter. If by any chance you see the car driving on the streets call the police and report it’s where abouts so that these people get what they deserve.


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