Stolen Civic: Update

Some good news in this horrible situation that I just found yesterday that the EK Civic I posted stolen last week was recovered. Of course the car was stripped beyond repair with a list of rare and JDM parts it was sure to happen. It’s sad that the car that was going no where but up and just making it’s presence in the scene was just stolen and stripped of it’s dignity. Car will most likely be junked and as for owners plan to continue on to another build it’s undecided. Hopefully the luster for car building is still there and this misfortune doesn’t leave a sour taste for him with a future build.


One thought on “Stolen Civic: Update

  1. Wow. That is some total bs. Please tell your friend I feel so bad for this sh*tty situation that he’s going through. Seriously, you feel so violated and just pissed. A friend of mine had his single turbo supra stolen….from HIS driveway overnight…in New Hampshire. It can happen anywhere and anytime. Damn. Tell your boy that the*ssholes that did this will get what they deserve. Karma.


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