Toyota Tuesdays: Toyota Hilux

Thought I’d try something different here and post some truck love. I’ve been into trucks for a while and have owned a few trucks ranging from a lifted duelly (Fab tech 4in lift front 6 inch lift back w/ air bags) and a long bed F250 with a 8in lift (all around w FOX suspension) both Diesel that i used when I was contracting. I totally miss the off roading and just having that IDGAF attitude driving was always awesome. But those times are gone and i realistically wont ever need a Diesel truck again so I’d love to get a gas truck and if I could would totally replicate this Toyota Hilux .. it’s stanced but a totally different type of stance that we’re used to hearing about .  Too bad they don’t have this model her in the states so I’ll keep dreaming. Maybe they’ll come out with something similar and I can have a snowmobile/surf and biking vehicle again.




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