Thirsty Thursdays: Rising Gas Prices

I’m surprised there isn’t much buzz with the rising gaas prices and they are rising a lot faster these days then they have in a few months. I don’t know if people are aware and just don’t care cause they ballin or just used to the price increases.

I’ve noticed prices go up in the summer before but dang it’s not summer yet let a lone spring. So what’s up with the prices. I remember getting those emails back in the day where there’d be some sort of agreement with everyone not to get gas on certain day to show them that without us you make no money.

It’d be nice to get the prices to drop at least under $4.00 for premium but we’ll see what happens. Maybe some blogs can get together and rally a day out there to show the “Man” that we ain’t gonna fork out $5.00 a gallon and they’d notice and bring down the prices. ..



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