Back in Black?: Vintage Style License Plates

Had a friend Jim post this up on FB and was all about it. I hope they pass the bill on this and it becomes a reality. these definitely would be sick to have.

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto has introduced Bill 1658, which could eventually return three kinds of vintage license plates to California roads: yellow and black plates from the mid 1950s, black and yellow plates from the 1960s – such as the sample 1963 plate pictured – and blue and yellow plates from the ’70s.

The initiative is called the Legacy License Plate Program, but before you collectors and period-correct enthusiasts salivate over – or lament – the possibilities, it has a few hurdles to clear. First, the bill has to be passed when its put to a vote on April 9, which is expected. Then it would only come into effect after 2,500 people had signed up for the plates, assuming that the DMV did its math correctly and had enough money to pay for it. Finally, once all of that got checked off, the program would begin in 2014.

Current regulations mean that in California, the license plate has almost always lived with the car since new, so if you see a black plate on a 1966 Corvair, then that tag was minted the same year as that Chevrolet. The plates will be updated to modern standards, e.g., reflective paint, so they won’t look just like the old timers, but we figure vintage-minded owners won’t be fussed at all.

info and word by: Autoblog (link below)

Volvo Powered: Opel Manta

Searching the net and found this gem and was stunned. Thought it was a E30 M3 and when I took a closer look found that it was a Opel Manta. Awesome looking car!! Then did some more digging and it’s Volvo powered? WOW! Engine looks tough. Almost everything under the hood is custom. Props to the builder cause this is an amazing build.


Hyundai Veloster: KDM Movement

Seen a few of these cars on the Road and pictured it fixed up and wondered if others have gotten around to it and WOW what I found was surprising. Car looks AWESOME done right.

Hyundai doing real good with it’s new line up lately and it’s good to see another Import company flourish.

Hyundai Veloster : KDM sickness.

Car looks tough!!!

Now that’s an ass! haha.