Hyundai Veloster: KDM Movement

Seen a few of these cars on the Road and pictured it fixed up and wondered if others have gotten around to it and WOW what I found was surprising. Car looks AWESOME done right.

Hyundai doing real good with it’s new line up lately and it’s good to see another Import company flourish.

Hyundai Veloster : KDM sickness.

Car looks tough!!!

Now that’s an ass! haha.

Mugen: Civic Si

I don’t see a lot of these cars around anymore but still remember it was suppose to be a hit car and it just didn’t end up being as popular as the company thought it would. I don’t know why cause by the looks of this clean Mugen one it definitely looks like something i’d like to drive.

Check it.

RE Amemiya: Hard RX7

With the post I posted yesterday with the RX7 and Porsche Duo I remembered the RE Amemiya RX7 that’s a total blend of both looks. Definitely outside the box thinking and it works. Not a fan of the rear of this car so I didn’t add the picture but the video below so you can check it out.