Destrons Garage: Carbon Fiber Wrap

I know CF is still a pretty popular trend but with CF come epoxy and the risk of it yellowing over time. Now there’s an alternative and many people have used it since it’s easy to maintain and most the time cheaper then actually buying CF parts. Carbon Fiber  Wrap.

Here’s a description of the product,

Made with vinyl and comes with self adhesive on the backing for a peel and stick feature without glue. The air channels in the back of the Vinyl called “air release pockets” insure that the wrap will not bubble as you apply it. Best of all the Carbon vinyl wrap can be used for exterior applications such as the hood or roof of your ride as well as the interior

If you’re wondering if that’s the Bobs Your Uncle project car. YES! Yes it is . Look out for tomorrows post.

Plus there’s Carbon Fabric you can add to the interior. So many applications.

For more info check out DESTRONSGARAGE.COM


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