How to Pull a Fender w/ Friends

Thought this pretty funny and unique. I’ve done the baseball bat trick and even used a “soft hammer” (copper head hammer) to thin the fender out before pulling it out. But, when I saw this I just chuckled and thought wow that’s simple enough. Not too sure how effective it is but it definitely worked for these guys. Check out the pics.

Feature: BYU EG Civic

This past Saturday I meet up with some BYU staff to hang out and chill while few of them were doing work on their cars. I just happened to have my camera and figured we can go do a mini shoot of the homie Nick’s EG since he just installed his Function and Form coilovers and wanted to go for a drive.

Love the reaction from Nick while we passed to get a rolling shot. 

Haha . Shocker!? Who does that !? Ok Lance does ! If you’re wondering why Lance is driving Nick’s car is cause Nick had a work injury and is wearing one of those huge boot/ slings on his right foot. Sucks to be him but hopefully he recovers soon and is back on the road.

Civic EK: Honda Love Chicago Style

For some reason seeing this EK totally got my attention. No fancy color, no loud kit, no decals all over the place. Just clean!

Hakosuka: Photo Shoot: Ready Set Go

For those not familiar with the term. Hakokuka:

Hakosuka (ハコスカ) by fans. Hako (ハコ) means Box in Japanese, and suka(スカ) is short for Skyline (スカイライン; Sukairain)

I’ve been on an old school feel for a minute now first this week with the Datsun post and now with the Hakosaku andwhen there’s an opportunity to show an nice group of pics i want to share it with the readers and subscribers. This is a dream car to most and definitely a car museum piece. Literally a great model car that was the milestone for the GT-R.
Our model for the day GT-R Skyline all sudsy and looking great.
Shoot preparation

 With the wash out the way I think we’re ready for a some pics.

One of my favorite seats Bride Gias – Low Max

LSX Swapped: S13

This S13 is a simply amazing . I’m in awe over the the quality of the pics and the build itself. Everything looks like it’s done so proper. the Engine bay doesn’t looked crammed and that LSx looks at home in the S13 shell. Car itself doesn’t have too much going on with the exterior but like mentioned in the last post sometimes less is more. This set up looks great and i’m sure this car is loads of fun to drive. I’d love to see this car in action but i’ll settle with the beautiful shots below.
photo is property of VisualEchos Photography (Andrew Thompson).

On to the pictures.

Lumber Jack comes to mind when i see the interior but it’s still well executed.

Simply Miata: Jersey Made

I guess owning a convertible you take notice in other convertibles and for some reason most who own one always want a hard top. This New Jersey Miata owner is no exception. Adding the hard top definitely changes the look of the car. in such a positive way. Can’t wait to get mine. (some day) Anyways back to this Jersey Built, Awesome, Simple, clean and hard stanced Miata!! Haha Overall this car just looks great. It’s one of those instances where less is more. Looking at the clearance you can tell from the side profile it’s inches from the floor! So sick.