UK Jonathon Jameson IS200

These pics were submitted to the Bobsyruncle fanpage from a winner of our contests we occasionally have for decals. This lexus IS200 2L straight 6 is from the UK. From what the owner tells me it was just fitted the TTE Supercharger kit a few months ago and also recently added bigger pulley he’s now running 0.6 bar of boost. Which is pretty impressive.  EMS chosen to run this 1G-FE is a Greddy Emanage that will be tuned to fit larger injectors and FMIC that are coming in the near future. All in all it’s an impressive build and i can’t wait to get updates on this beast.

USDM FREAX Magazine: IS300 Feature

I wanted to give a BIG Congratulations to one of our own Bobsyruncle homies and Fan page admins for his feature in the USDM FREAX’s magazine that dropped today. Well deserved and through all the hard work blood and sweat dreams do come to reality.

Great job and congrats Tomas Coromina’s for your feature and build!

JDM Honda Odyssey with Style

Here’s a post where not much needs to be said.

JDM Honda Odyssey X E92 BMW headlights/ front end X custom interior


 AC Schnitzer type II

Diamand stitched interior FTW! Love the color choices made here.

Complete treatment with headliner. 🙂

Mastermind 370Z: Work in Progress

Yesterday I stopped by Mastermind to visit the homies and saw they had a new car in the shop that they’re working on and decided to take some quick pics.  Right away the color on the 370Z had me thinking ah another vinyl wrapped car… But, to my surprise this car has a sick paint job and it looks good. Kind of looks like a flat offwhite satin color but it’s legit.

here’s what I saw when i first walked in the shop.

I start to walk around the the car and again automatically assume it’s on air ride suspension or even bags. Then AGAIN corrected that this is the cars driving ride height and it’s on coilovers!!! WHAT! That’s was a little unbelievable since that car was this low and i can’t imagine trying to clear any speed bump or driveway. Then, I was later informed that the car is on Roberuta cup kit in the front and in my head i’m thinking ONLY in the front!? Pretty crazy but some people are hardcore like that and this owner is one those people. 

Street drive height is insane! Still can’t believe it. Fully tucked.

Next time I head over to the shop I’m hoping to bring you more detailed pics with new updates and hopefully a front bumper on the car. Haha.  Stay tuned.

Big props to the owner Celestak Smith.

New Year NEW Post: Honda Civic Ep3

To get the ball rolling i’d like to wish our fans a Happy New Year and we hope your new year brings you car parts and a lot of tuning! Figured I should get a new post up and it helped that I saw a EP3  on the road. Made me think to myself once again. What happened to this model ? I don’t see enough of these slammed, stanced, static, lowered or built for power. How come ? Car’s legit and has a K20 power plant 215-197hp to the fly.  So what happened?
Maybe it’s one of the questions that will never be answered or maybe the car will make a come back later in the future who knows. But in the mean time here’s a bad ass one.

Photos by Huy Nguyen