Mastermind 370Z: Work in Progress

Yesterday I stopped by Mastermind to visit the homies and saw they had a new car in the shop that they’re working on and decided to take some quick pics.  Right away the color on the 370Z had me thinking ah another vinyl wrapped car… But, to my surprise this car has a sick paint job and it looks good. Kind of looks like a flat offwhite satin color but it’s legit.

here’s what I saw when i first walked in the shop.

I start to walk around the the car and again automatically assume it’s on air ride suspension or even bags. Then AGAIN corrected that this is the cars driving ride height and it’s on coilovers!!! WHAT! That’s was a little unbelievable since that car was this low and i can’t imagine trying to clear any speed bump or driveway. Then, I was later informed that the car is on Roberuta cup kit in the front and in my head i’m thinking ONLY in the front!? Pretty crazy but some people are hardcore like that and this owner is one those people. 

Street drive height is insane! Still can’t believe it. Fully tucked.

Next time I head over to the shop I’m hoping to bring you more detailed pics with new updates and hopefully a front bumper on the car. Haha.  Stay tuned.

Big props to the owner Celestak Smith.


3 thoughts on “Mastermind 370Z: Work in Progress

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