2 Cents

We’re working on a new feature to bring you. One of our very own admins and close friends for BobsYrUncle and in between updates I wanted to give my 2 cents about the industry.

Thinking back to when I first was obsessed with “modding” my car was probably back in 1997-98 when saving for an intake, clear corners and exhaust would brea the bank. Having a after school job was your means of fixing up your car. I remember trying not to spend a dime so i could save and buy Neuspeed springs (cause coilovers were just too out of reach and seemed like a thing from the future) Getting an intake would be like a gift from god and hearing the first rev made you feel like you just added 25 hp to your ride. Greddy exhaust would have you eating top ramen for days/ months till that moment you had enough to make the purchase bring it home and install with the homies. Those were the days.

For some reason maybe i don’t see it or hear about it anymore it seems like the new this to do is calling all the hard working less fortunate people’s builds “rice” I mean you take us old school people and their first builds out now a days and would we be called rice for building it slowly and adding what we can afford? What happened to the comeradity and enthusiasts nod for someones hard work. It would seem that a lot of people now a days are on a high horse . I could be wrong here but where is everyone getting their money ? I’m not saying everyones driving a sick ride but there’s plenty of the youngsters keeping up with the big boys, build wise and it just baffles me.  What happened to the days or working after school or weekend gigs to make that extra money. Saving for that one mediocre part and showing it off to the homies. I guess times have changed and the industries evolved .. into something good? .. I don’t know.. but it certainly is different. /2 Cents


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