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It’s a sad day that we will not be posting anymore updates to the jdmlexus wordpress site anymore. We’ve taken the name Bobsyruncle and we’re sticking with it!

I know we have a few fans here that follow us and we invite you to follow us at the new site. . We’ve transferred all the info and  site content to the new site and hopefully we’ll see you there.
We’re evolving and needed to make the change, will be making improvements and hopefully be doing bigger and better things. In the mean time we will be doing our best to keep the post updates coming.

Stay tuned and always keep in contact with us.
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CR8TIVE: Kandy Purple AE86

Details details details.. it’s all in the details and this AE86 is chalk full of little details and perfection that i wouldn’t even begin to try and describe. I was lucky enough to be friends with the owner(s) of this AE86 from  Creative Car Audio and Motorsports and see this car being built and go to shows and park together (when i was showing) was awesome! Feels like such a long time ago now. Which it probably is, but still they were good times.

Since then the Hachiroku has been sold to someone in NY and i haven’t heard the where about since. Hopefully it’s still in one piece and the owners enjoying the car and it’s quality parts.

Mod list after the pics.

1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S

AE111 Blacktop Motor
Toda Cam Gears
Toda Cam Shafts
Koyo Radiator
HKS Timing Belt
Jubiride 110mm Funnels
Jubiride Throttle Panel
Jubiride Throttle Nets
Setrab Oil Cooler
TRD Clutch
TRD Short Shifter
DT High Rise Header
DT Reservoir Tank
Mezeire Catch Tank
Trust DD Exhaust
Kaaz 2 way LSD

Electromotive Tec3R ECU

Nagisa Auto Shock Plates
Project Mu Adjustable Pillar Mounts
Cusco Lateral Bar
Jubiride Front Brace Support Bar
Cusco Sway Bars
Cusco Front Strut Bar
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Jubiride Upper Rear Bar
Jubiride Rearseat Triangle Bar
Beatrush Rear Trunk Bar
Do-Luck Rear Floor Bar
Cusco 6 Point Rollcage
Cusco Side Add-on Bars
Cusco Rear Diagonal Add-on Bar
T3 Front Triangle Bar
Vertex Engine Dampener
TRD Short Stroke Struts
TRD Springs
Cusco Roll Adapters

Recaro SP-G Seats
Takata Harnesses
Defi Gauges (oil pressure/water)
Vertex Steering Wheel
Signal Auto Quick Release (in one of pictures with the Recaros, you can see the flip up hub, that will not be included with the car, we are switching it out with the Signal Auto Quick Release)
Project Mu Pedels
Sparco Foot Plate
Project Mu Shift Knob
Pioneer DEH-6500 Headunit
Odessey Battery

Origins Carbon Fiber Rear Visor
CF Carbon Fiber Hatch
Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
Vertex Body Kit
Redline Tail Lights
House of Colors (Candy Purple paint inside & out)

Volk TE37’s (14×6) with Toyo Tires
Project Mu Brake Calipers

Mastermind 370Z: Work in Progress

Yesterday I stopped by Mastermind to visit the homies and saw they had a new car in the shop that they’re working on and decided to take some quick pics.  Right away the color on the 370Z had me thinking ah another vinyl wrapped car… But, to my surprise this car has a sick paint job and it looks good. Kind of looks like a flat offwhite satin color but it’s legit.

here’s what I saw when i first walked in the shop.

I start to walk around the the car and again automatically assume it’s on air ride suspension or even bags. Then AGAIN corrected that this is the cars driving ride height and it’s on coilovers!!! WHAT! That’s was a little unbelievable since that car was this low and i can’t imagine trying to clear any speed bump or driveway. Then, I was later informed that the car is on Roberuta cup kit in the front and in my head i’m thinking ONLY in the front!? Pretty crazy but some people are hardcore like that and this owner is one those people. 

Street drive height is insane! Still can’t believe it. Fully tucked.

Next time I head over to the shop I’m hoping to bring you more detailed pics with new updates and hopefully a front bumper on the car. Haha.  Stay tuned.

Big props to the owner Celestak Smith.

Product Testing at RS*R: RAN*UP

I know I haven’t talked about my personal car on here much but I’ve been keeping it low key. Total “budget build” meaning if it ain’t a hook up, free or “sponsored” it ain’t happening on my car haha. An luckily it’s been working out and i’m happy with the results.
RS*R contacted me and talked about testing their product RAN*UP and at first i was like hell yah! Of course who would turn down anything from RS*R!? But when i found out that it was a oil additive i was a little weary at first. Staff there told me more about the product and totally sold me on the benefits of running RAN*UP in any car. Enhancing engine efficiency and reducing friction through out all the lubricated parts of the engine while increasing power…  When he said he can prove all this with dyno runs and numbers. I was in for sure.

While i was at their facility who wouldn’t want to take pics. So here’s some random shots before we got started.

After talking about specifics with the engine and what not.. We got to adding fresh oil in the car and started preping the car for the base run on dyno.

After fresh oil and everything was looked at and good to go they proceeded to load the car on the the coolest dyno i’ve ever seen. 4 wheel, length adjustable and super hi-tech.

Baseline dyno started now! 

After a few runs and getting the average of the runs they determined the RWHP making sure the numbers were not chosen from the highest pull or lowest. Which was pretty cool. Coming from the IS build we always went with peak RWHP. But, anyway. After the base run we break’d for lunch, let the car cool and restart the dyno runs to get more consistent numbers.

After Lunch was time for RAN*UP !!! (darn blurry pic)

Back to work on the dyno…

Dyno graph showed 3HP gain and I was stoked to hear that the product worked that well. Below you see the TRQ increase and HP increase from the orginal runs. (note the car has been set up with a lower compression for boost “someday” in the far far away future)

End result RAN*UP is proven! Definitely worth it and something worth trying.



LB Performance: Liberty Walk Lamborghini Murcielago

This car has been in the timelines on Facebook since it’s debut at SEMA and for that reason I thought it best for it to have it’s own post. Liberty Walk aka LB Performance has done it with this one and it’s a car that you have to see in person. The car is beautiful. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

What the… VW Rat Rod

This thing is bananas! I can’t even fathom thinking this look up but it works well and for some reason i’m really digging it. Looks like they’re still doing work. Custom glass and what not.. can’t wait to see final product of this build. 

Top Secret: Supra JZA80

Richard Carino’s Top Secret Supra. Nice to be able to see this state side utter resemblance of the one in Japan.