Is no More

It’s a sad day that we will not be posting anymore updates to the jdmlexus wordpress site anymore. We’ve taken the name Bobsyruncle and we’re sticking with it!

I know we have a few fans here that follow us and we invite you to follow us at the new site. . We’ve transferred all the info and  site content to the new site and hopefully we’ll see you there.
We’re evolving and needed to make the change, will be making improvements and hopefully be doing bigger and better things. In the mean time we will be doing our best to keep the post updates coming.

Stay tuned and always keep in contact with us.
We also have our Facebook fan page and our Instagram to see cool things and keep to date in the mean time.

Auto Fashion Grand Opening 3/10/13 P.2

Wrapping up the Auto Fashion Grand Opening with this post. I wish I could have taken more photos but the crowds made it a little difficult to get a nice shot. Even the sun over head, blazing like a hot summer day didn’t help with the shadows and was just too much light. All in all it was a great get together and Grand Opening and i can’t wait to go visit the shop again and check it out.

Congrats Freddie – Mr. AutoFashion!

Auto Fashion USA Grand Opening 3/10/13 P.1

We want to congratulate our friend Freddie on his tremendous job arranging his Grand Opening! It looked great! Granted the BobsYrUncle crew did get there later then expected. But we made it!! What had happened was….. We planned on leaving the LA area around 7 am to get there early and reserve some new spots and talk to Freddie and what not and literally ended up leaving at 9:30 instead. Uber FAIL. I’m just going to blame day light savings for that one. SMH.

We ended up at Auto Fashion around 12 and missed the ribbon ceremonies but the event was packed even when we headed out for food around 3 it was still packed!

Great turn out and a lot of nice cars I wasn’t able to capture every single one, nor do i think i would. (i ain’t got time fo dat)

It was good seeing all the homies i hadn’t seen in a while and meeting new people.

Here’s part 1 of coverage from the show for you to enjoy.

Project G 2 Year Anniversary Meet Finale Coverage

BobsYrUncle store is Live!!

We don’t have much to put in the store at the moment but we’re getting there. If you would like to show some love and help support BobsYrUncle brand by pre-ordering your Rising Sun shirt, check out our store. Bobsyruncle Merchandise here. 
We also have decals (single layer and double layer) for sale; Decal inquires are going through our fan page for now. Bobsyruncle Fan Page.  Message us there and we’ll give you the details on them.

Bobsyruncle Store Live

Project S2000: Budget Build

Project S2000 is under way and this time around I want to make sure to keep a build within budget and not go over board. All while still making a the car as fresh as possible.  The car the way it stand now is totally not my taste but that’s where i get to have fun and make it something i’ll enjoy. I stopped by my cousins place that does DESTRONS GARAGE for some CF wrap because he wanted to use the car being that it’s red would contrast well with the CF. So i thought sure why not. Mind you I’ve never wrapped a car not is he a professional at it either but i think over all we did a good job and it definitely transformed the car in a 3 hr time span.

Check it out.

Measuring and trimming for the trunk.

Extreme close up with the Honda badge and brake light installed. CF material gives that dry carbon look.

On to the hood .. which was a bit of a challenge.

With a little bit of heat, pulling and forming the hood takes shape.

Here’s the hood completed and we had some extra CF vinyl so I decided to put some in the vents for some contrast.

Shot of the rear trunk all put together and looks pretty nice.

Check back for more updates on the project car. Cause there’s more to come.

Destrons Garage: Carbon Fiber Wrap

I know CF is still a pretty popular trend but with CF come epoxy and the risk of it yellowing over time. Now there’s an alternative and many people have used it since it’s easy to maintain and most the time cheaper then actually buying CF parts. Carbon Fiber  Wrap.

Here’s a description of the product,

Made with vinyl and comes with self adhesive on the backing for a peel and stick feature without glue. The air channels in the back of the Vinyl called “air release pockets” insure that the wrap will not bubble as you apply it. Best of all the Carbon vinyl wrap can be used for exterior applications such as the hood or roof of your ride as well as the interior

If you’re wondering if that’s the Bobs Your Uncle project car. YES! Yes it is . Look out for tomorrows post.

Plus there’s Carbon Fabric you can add to the interior. So many applications.

For more info check out DESTRONSGARAGE.COM