Is no More

It’s a sad day that we will not be posting anymore updates to the jdmlexus wordpress site anymore. We’ve taken the name Bobsyruncle and we’re sticking with it!

I know we have a few fans here that follow us and we invite you to follow us at the new site. . We’ve transferred all the info and  site content to the new site and hopefully we’ll see you there.
We’re evolving and needed to make the change, will be making improvements and hopefully be doing bigger and better things. In the mean time we will be doing our best to keep the post updates coming.

Stay tuned and always keep in contact with us.
We also have our Facebook fan page and our Instagram to see cool things and keep to date in the mean time.


R34: Drift Continues

R34 drift motion pics. In continuation of yesterdays post. 

FD3S Drift: On Board Camera

I’m a huge fan of in motion pics and having cameras on board isn’t a new thing but damn,  when I see these pics it makes me appreciate awesome cars doing work. This FD is definitely doing it’s thing! I believe at a Formula Drift event in the UK.

Check it out. 

HKS: Super Lap Battle Hipermax Evolution

No introduction needed here. I’m sure everyone’s seen the HKS CT230R EVO. Car’s classic and one of those cars you just can’t forget.

Interior shot of the cluster. Race car.

Audi TT: RS Race

Audi? I’ve been out of the scene for a while now so I don’t know if they’re popular to fix up anymore but I know I don’t see any on the rode fixed up. But whether or not you own one, I’m sure you like going fast, so this Audi TT RS is definitely a car you’d like to drive! This race version one just stood out to me . It’s not stanced, hellaflush or cambered to the max but it’s damn nice!

Throwback Thursdays: Ed Burgenholtz CRX

Not sure how many readers will remember the name Ed Burgenholtz or his CRX drag car but i thought it’d fitting for throwback Thursdays theme. From what i remember the car had a dragon looking front end this through the last of it’s NHRA career. Since camera quality wasn’t that great back in the day the only real clear shot of what it looked like before the dragons head front end is below .. Still classic styling in my eyes.