Toyota Supra: A Retrospective – XCAR

Sharing this from a friend that’s an absolute Supra fan Mr. Supra Nick.

“”Wow! For once a video with true stats and true auto enthusiast opinion rather than the usual BS about the Supra!”

UConn Car Club Annual Car Show

We have coverage from the UConn Car Club Annual Car Show that was this past weekend April 14th Located Rentschler Field, East Hartford CT from our East Coast fam Jeff Aldana.

BobsYrUncle crew goes to Cars & Coffee, Irvine P.1

Car & Coffee Irvine is always something to look forward to even when it’s meeting the homies up at 6:15 in the morning. I met up with few friends at the Irvine Spectrum and caravan-ed it to Cars and Coffee shortly after.


Finally parked and ready to walk around the meet. 

SEMA Finale Part IV

Fatlace Ben Sopra needs no introductions …

I think this was 1 of 2 S2000’s I saw at the show.

This FD3S was mean looking, Loved the look.

This Merc totally caught me off guard. Didn’t think much of it besides ey look super clean classic car. Till I walked over to the front of the car and saw the hood up and what i found under the hood O.o WOW!

Wasn’t the model that WOW’d me but …

The 2JZ-GTE fitted in the engine bay!!! There’s wasn’t many mods to the stock 2JZ but it was nice to see it in an old Merc style Benz. The car also was sporting a face lift interior. IS250 dash  gauges and center console fit just perfect in the car. Wish I had more photos but memory card problems = FAIL and pictures didn’t come out. 😦

Because Supra: JZA80 Appreciation

I don’t usually post Friday through the weekend but I found these amazing Pics via Stanceworks – M.Burroughs and my jaw dropped. There’s just a few cars that are truly timeless in design and the JZA80 Mark IV supra is one of them. Body lines flow so well and we all know the 2JZ-GTE is one of the best motors out there. Iron block twin turbo out the factory back in the 90’s is total genius for it’s era. The pics below give me a total appreciation the JZA80 platform. Simple, clean with factory aero and still makes you stop and stare.


RB26DETT: Top Secret Supra

Blasphemy! haha jk jk to each their own whether it be RB’s or 2JZ. You’re build your steez. I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with this Supra from Top Secret with the RB26 swap. As it sits.  It’s art.

Toyotafest part deux

2nd part of toyotafest

2000gt always reminds me of a bond car.

Engine shot ::drooll:: simple & clean

Car reminds me of Knight Rider so i’m sure Hoff wasn’t too faraway. haha. jk jk. Car looks pretty sick black on black Mark III (Check out the meat on the rear tires)

Another black on black but this time Mark IV

reminds me of a buddy of mines car which has a feature coming up on this site so keep watch for that one.

Oooo Shiiiiney!!! Love it twin turbo happy .

Buddy i haven’t seen in a while Nick Stonawski’s Supra. Always good catching up with that guy .

Sea of Supras..