7 Speed Manual

WOW. A manual 7th gear cars the wave of the future? 6 Gears like what we’re familiar with now for speeds but rather then have the 6th gear for cruising it’ll be for getting to top speed and now the 7th keep the engine revs down for optimal fuel saving. I’m amazed at technology improving and how the game is changing.
I can’t wait to try and drive one and experience going through all 7 gears but i don’t think that’ll be anytime soon since it’ll only offered in 2012 models coming from Porsche and 2014 from Chevy. Porsche 911’s and the Corvette C7 both that will waaaaaay out of my price range maybe in 20 years or maybe when it goes to a more affordable model and manufacturer will i experience but till then enjoy the pics of the
2012 Porsche 911

2014 Corvette C7
and the only image i can find looks so doctored up but it’s something .. enjoy.