Formula D Event Coverage Part 3

Our last and final post from the Formula Drift Show.

Part 1 Formula Drift Coverage

Part 2 Formula Drift Coverage

Coverage: Seal Beach Meet

I didn’t really hear about this one but I’m glad BYU fam are straight up car enthusiast and love the scene. They Heard about the meet and were down to go. Thanks Nick for the pics! With that, lets us bring you some of the pretty gnarlies cars for you to check out.


Audi TT: RS Race

Audi? I’ve been out of the scene for a while now so I don’t know if they’re popular to fix up anymore but I know I don’t see any on the rode fixed up. But whether or not you own one, I’m sure you like going fast, so this Audi TT RS is definitely a car you’d like to drive! This race version one just stood out to me . It’s not stanced, hellaflush or cambered to the max but it’s damn nice!

Wishful Wednesdays: A1 Quattro

Dang going through some withdrawl with not updating the site in 3-4 days and just got some news about that Audi just unveiled their new A1 Quattro and man it looks good. Definitely digging the styling on this thing. 256hp boosted compact car = Drool, add that it’s a Quattro and I’m more impressed. Definitely a car i’d like to own and mod.

Interior looks boss too.

Wings Wednesday: Hooters Girls

I don’t know why but I woke up today thinking about having some buffalo wings today after work and then thought. Hrmm wings wednesday Yumm and when thinking about wings it’s always either BWW or Hooters. So with that in mind comes this update.

Hooter girls and cars.