Wekfest LA: Queen Mary 5/25/13 Part 2

Started going through the pics from this past weekend and i didn’t have a lot of time but, we wanted to post a quick sequel to Part 1 of our Wekfest LA coverage. We’ll be posting Part 3 tomorrow.

Stay tuned and Enjoy,


Formula D Tech Inspection X Import Tuner Meet P3

We’ll have one more part to the Formula D tech inspection and Import Tuner meet after this post, then move on to the Royal Orgins Vegas meet. That we were also able to attend this past weekend.


Bobs Your Uncle Project Car: Conclusions & Beginnings

I’ll no longer be persuing the W211 Mercedes E class build. Somethings came up and I wont be bringing the VIP flavor to the Benz like I thought I would. But it’s for the better.

I’m actually going to take on a harder challenge and start working on Honda! I haven’t really done a Honda build since my right hand drive Integra DA8 but this will be interesting to see how it goes.

Here’s the pics of the state of the car I’m beginning with so I can have progression of the build on the blog.

It’s not in the best of shape but it’s not a bad start. Check out the pics and follow the blog for the progression. Let the project begin!

Hella Sunk!!

European Superstars

European Superstar race looks phenomenal and I wanted to share some pics I found. I was a little more partial to the BMW’s and Mercedes but that’s what I like. haha. The Maserati in front is looking tough though . Damn, I’d love to see one of these races in person. Perhaps one day.