Awesome Pair… of Subaru

Lack of updates, website under construction = clusterfu@# that needs to be done. I figured I should probably post something to keep our audience of 5 coming back for more. Haha. Browsing the web I stumbled across this awesome pair of Subi. Being a fan of rolling shots I had to post this. Love the look and street function these 2 bring. You be the judge would you rock both of these or one more then the other. I like them both and take either one.

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BobsYrUncle store is Live!!

We don’t have much to put in the store at the moment but we’re getting there. If you would like to show some love and help support BobsYrUncle brand by pre-ordering your Rising Sun shirt, check out our store. Bobsyruncle Merchandise here. 
We also have decals (single layer and double layer) for sale; Decal inquires are going through our fan page for now. Bobsyruncle Fan Page.  Message us there and we’ll give you the details on them.

Bobsyruncle Store Live