DC2: Integra Days

I’ve posted this car in the BYU fan page ┬ábefore and I finally was able to find more detailed pics of the car. Wish I could see what’s under the hood but this is a beautifully built Integra. Can’t tell from the plates where it’s exactly from but as I’ve said before and i’m sure a lot of people before me. “CCW’s look good on everything!” One of those timeless builds that don’t need much to look good. Type R front end nice lip and done.

Enjoy the pics.

Throwback Thursdays: Street Glow CRX

Clean old school CRX with ITR front end from back in the day in the Street Glow booth. The CRX doesn’t seem to rockin any of their product but was probably there as an attention getter. It definitely looks good even for today’s standards.