Auto Fashion USA Grand Opening 3/10/13 P.1

We want to congratulate our friend Freddie on his tremendous job arranging his Grand Opening! It looked great! Granted the BobsYrUncle crew did get there later then expected. But we made it!! What had happened was….. We planned on leaving the LA area around 7 am to get there early and reserve some new spots and talk to Freddie and what not and literally ended up leaving at 9:30 instead. Uber FAIL. I’m just going to blame day light savings for that one. SMH.

We ended up at Auto Fashion around 12 and missed the ribbon ceremonies but the event was packed even when we headed out for food around 3 it was still packed!

Great turn out and a lot of nice cars I wasn’t able to capture every single one, nor do i think i would. (i ain’t got time fo dat)

It was good seeing all the homies i hadn’t seen in a while and meeting new people.

Here’s part 1 of coverage from the show for you to enjoy.

tryin things on. CSL Euro Spec -test fit-

I’ve had this trunk sitting in my garage since i got this car a few months ago and never got the urge to test fit it but for some reason i’ve been wanting to get back in the game and do some new things to the car. I believe it’s a Euro Spec trunk and it fits well. A little off but what aftermarket isn’t? With a little adjustment and paint it’ll look good.
Installed it with my buddy Ryan and it came out ok.
check it:
dunno if i’m going to go this route since i already have the CSL carbon add on on my OEM trunk but we’ll see. Might just ditch the idea and try and get another truer CSL trunk. LOL. stay tuned.