Auto Fashion USA Grand Opening 3/10/13 P.1

We want to congratulate our friend Freddie on his tremendous job arranging his Grand Opening! It looked great! Granted the BobsYrUncle crew did get there later then expected. But we made it!! What had happened was….. We planned on leaving the LA area around 7 am to get there early and reserve some new spots and talk to Freddie and what not and literally ended up leaving at 9:30 instead. Uber FAIL. I’m just going to blame day light savings for that one. SMH.

We ended up at Auto Fashion around 12 and missed the ribbon ceremonies but the event was packed even when we headed out for food around 3 it was still packed!

Great turn out and a lot of nice cars I wasn’t able to capture every single one, nor do i think i would. (i ain’t got time fo dat)

It was good seeing all the homies i hadn’t seen in a while and meeting new people.

Here’s part 1 of coverage from the show for you to enjoy.

E46 M3 progression VII

Here’s some DIY mods me and my cousin did with his CF material wrap. Of course taking part the car was fun and wrapping the door arm rest panels, the dash trim, and the center console where the shifter is was a lot of work but theres a sense of accomplishment when you can say you modding your car with your own 2 hands. Sorry the pics aren’t any better but if you go to Destrons Garage there’s better ones there for you to check out.

The material looks great and can be purchases through his website Destrons Garage (links on the side bar-roll call) definitely worth checking out and totally affordable.

EURO VS JDM or JDM & EURO .. i like both!

the blog web address is yet i update with Euro stuff.. hrmm.. damn me for being impartial to DTM and JDM. There is no JDM vs DTM grudge match here. LOL . I own the Laguna Seca Blue IS300 that you may have seen on Import Tuner a few months back

and i also own a E46 M3 that i’ve posted a few pics of with me in them. like this one ..

but here’s a newer updated pic of the car at SEMA compliments of Joey. (thanks homie)

my point of this update is that you’ll be seeing a lot about both hopefully more track days with the IS300 and the build process i took on the M3 to get it to where i’m happy with it.

I hope you enjoy the blog . cause i do enjoy writing my gawd awful opinions and rants for you to read.

MY BMW Changes..

As you’ve seen i recently did a mini photo exposé on the M3 with the Volk LE37’s and just wanted a little change up. So that’s why i wanted to capture the car in that state. Now with that done. I’ve opted for new shoes for the car. All i took was cell phone shots of the day at TWS but hopefully i can set up with my buddy Joey to do another mini shoot to get some decent pics up soon
check it: